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Our lovely Sweet Potatoes ready to be shipped.

This has been a BEAUTIFUL, mild Autumn.  Rod is about finished with the Sweet Potato harvest, and we are thankful to have got them out of the fields before really cold weather sets in.   We have both orange and red varieties this year, and we are already enjoying them with our meals.  They are soooo good and sweet.  Being from south Louisiana, where every girl gets at least one or two rice cookers/steamers for her wedding shower, I tried making candied yams in my rice cooker this week and was really surprised at how quick and yummy they came out.  I simply cut up 1/2 stick of butter (and smeared it around so nothing would stick), peeled 2 medium-sized Sweet Potatoes and sliced them 1/4″-1/2″ thick and added them to the pot.  Next, I added 1/2 – 2/3 C. water and at least 1/2 C. dark brown sugar, packed (I like C & H brand best) and a sprinkling of salt and cinnamon.  I covered it, turned it on and let it cook all by itself while I tended to another dish, and in about 20 min. it rang ready to eat.  They were so tender and really good!  (Be sure to always add the water, as a steamer won’t run for long without enough liquids).  And speaking of recipes, there are awesome (and I don’t use that word lightly) Sweet Potato recipes at the 2 following links – The Mississippi and Louisiana Sweet Potato Council websites:   http://www.mssweetpotato.org/front/frRecipes.php       http://www.sweetpotato.org/sweet-rewards-recipes Our delicious, Certified Organic Sweet Potatoes can be found at Whole Foods- Oklahoma City, Health Food Center (Green Acres) – OKC, Natural Grocers – Norman and Earth Naturals – Norman.  Also, once a month we sell on the Oklahoma Food Coop (www.oklahomafood.coop).  We’d appreciate you picking some up.

Pic Red Radish

Fresh Radish that will be in our first box.

The 2014 Spring/Summer Veggie Club will be getting underway in Edmond Friday, May 30.  The OKC Club at N.May/Britton Rd. will be starting Friday, June 6.  We still have openings in both clubs, so if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in joining up, please contact me a.s.a.p. at acadianfamilyfarm@yahoo.com or 361-772-1902.                                                                                   It has been a very unusual Spring.  Very cold, then 99 degrees, then back in the upper 30’s.  The poor fledgling plants!  Then hail came to add insult to injury.  We are recuperating from that event (were a little nervous if we’d have anything with which to start the club!), and the plants are doing well now that the weather is warm.  So we are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

As I write this post, it sure doesn’t look like Spring outside my window, but we are gearing up anyway.  We know Spring’s coming, and we have to be ready!  Seed catalogs and seed packets are taking over my little office space!

Rod is really busy inside the greenhouse with our starter plants and has just completed planting our potatoes out in the field.  Onions are going in the field now, too.  So much to do!!!

We are planting for our Veggie Club again this year, too.  I have updated the Veggie Club page (to your right), so please check it out; we have changed a few things for this year.  We plan to do a club again in Edmond and one at the Britton/N. May location in OKC.  We still have openings, so please help us out and get a couple of friends on board so we can keep these deliveries going.  We really do consider it a mission to help supply folks with healthy vegetables.  We know it’s needed in this modern world of tainted food everywhere you turn.   Local is so much better, too, so be thinking fresh veggies for this year!  Our clubs will get underway the 1st week in June for 12 weeks ending toward the end of August.  We hope to hear from you.

Sweet Potatoes!

Pics Sweet Potatoes 11-13Pic Sweet Potato Red 11-4-13

It’s definitely Sweet Potato time here on the farm.  We are rounding up our harvest and have already filled up our packing shed to capacity.  We’ve been very pleased with production this year, in quantity AND quality.  We are offering our wonderful “taters” on the Oklahoma Food Coop again this month (www.oklahomafood.coop) in 5 lb. bags, perfect for the holiday season coming up.  They can also be purchased (by the pound) at Wholefoods Market in OKC and Tulsa, The Health Food Center in OKC (240 & Penn) and at Earth Natural Foods in Norman (309 S. Flood Ave.).

Sweet Potatoes are very nutritious, low on the glycemic scale, and taste so good!  They make deliciously sweet Candied Yams, Sweet Potato Casserole, Pie, Cake, Bread, Fritters, and more!  Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy our Certified Organic, Local Sweet Potatoes this season.

Our 8 week Summer Veggie Club is now underway!  We still do have openings at all locations, so please let me know if you’d like to join up.  You can read all about our club, what we’ll be having, etc. by clicking on the “AA Veggie Club” page to your right.  

We’ve just starting harvesting Sweet Corn, and it’s always such a treat!  No G.M.O. seed, which means you can feel good about eating it.  It is not easy these days to find non G.M.O., Certified Organic Sweet Corn, and it only lasts about 3-4 weeks here in Oklahoma, so try to enjoy it while you can. And may I say, that there is a great deal of illusion out there in the market place about what is truly organic and local, so ask questions and know your farmer.

One of our club members sent in this yummy-looking pic of her veggies.

With 3 more weeks left in the Spring Veggie Club, we are now planning the Summer Club which is scheduled to begin the week of July 17th.  It will also run for 8 weeks and will have Sweet Corn, Carrots, Cucumbers, Squash, Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes, Melons and other good things, all Certified Organic.  Please drop me an email or give me a call if you would like to join up or if you have any questions.  I will be updating the “AA Veggie Club” Page, also.  Know where your veggies are coming from!

Red Grilling Onions and Red Radish

Red Russian Kale & Red Mustard Greens

Our Spring Veggie Club is underway!  We have clubs in Edmond, OKC, El Reno & Lawton.  Currently in our 3rd week, we will have 5 more weeks in this Spring session.  There will be a week break and then the Summer session will begin and run 8 more weeks.  The Spring veggie boxes consist mainly of veggies that make a great Salad:  Lettuce blends, Kales, Radishes, Herbs. Arugula, Red Mustard, fresh Grilling onions with bottoms and tops, baby Beets, etc.. Here’s a couple of pics of our just-picked bounty. All are Certified Organic and grown on our farm.  If you would like to get in on the remaining of the Spring Club, please check out our AA Veggie Club page on the right.  All of our contact info is there.  If you have any questions, please let me know.



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